Gold Liver Support 90 Capsules – Levrone Signature Series


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LEVRONE SIGNATURE SERIES GOLD LIVER SUPPORT is a supplement that supports liver detoxification, may help liver cells regenerate and has anti-inflammatory properties. The product contains milk thistle seeds extract, l-methionine, l-ornithine and l-glutathione.

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supports liver detoxification – by promoting the elimination of harmful toxins and pollutants that can burden the liver
helps with liver cell regeneration – assisting in the repair process and maintaining optimal liver health
has antioxidant protection – by helping combat the damaging effects of free radicals, reducing oxidative stress on the liver
has anti-inflammatory properties – that can help alleviate liver inflammation and support overall liver function
helps with cholesterol management – may contribute to maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, further benefiting liver health

Recommended use: Take one capsule three times a day and drink with water.


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